Letter #4


A list to close 2016:

  • Find your strengths, and accept your weaknesses.
  • Settle into a job that you love. Apply and apply. Don’t take rejections personally.
  • Start on the newsletter. Write an article. Have at least 4 pieces to edit by January.
  • Have an honest conversation with the boy. The time for pretences is over.
  •  Tell my parents that I love them. Accept that they are fallible  creatures, as are you.

2016 has been one heck of a year.

Just a few brief months into the year, I have had to learn to take charge of the chaos that is life, even as I realised that I was not ready to release the reins of childish ignorance.

One thing that I am certain though, is that I cannot go through my days with bated breath. I will not mar good days with the worry that bad days will inevitably follow. They will come, without a doubt. But I will handle them with my head held high. Deep breaths. Take the plunge.

I will do all things with guts, and with grace.



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